Professional Water Testing NYC

Contaminated drinking water is one of the oldest known public health hazards. Regular users of a water supply can develop a tolerance for the contaminants present within their water supply, while infrequent users may become sick by drinking the same water. Contaminated drinking water can be a threat to anyone’s health, young or old, hotheads or loner.

The following factors can indicate a contaminated drinking water:

Dark, brown, or black spots on the glass – This is what you should look for. The spots on the glass should be very small and could appear as a circle, a spot or small lines. If the spots appear larger and spread out, it means that there is a buildup of minerals in the water.

Sooty, black, or brown stains on the sink and walls – This is usually caused by the buildup of bacteria. It’s possible that the pipes were not cleaned properly and the water will attract bacteria-based organisms. The most common culprits in Contaminated drinking water is E. coli and Prevotella spp.

Water that tastes like bleach or formic – These substances will attract bacteria that lead to contaminated drinking water

Water tests – These tests are done to determine whether or not you have a contaminated water supply. Tests can be done at home. It’s possible to be contaminated by just drinking tap water. If you don’t drink the water, you don’t get sick. Tests can be done at a hardware store or a grocery store. You can also take your water to the hardware store and purchase a device that will test the water for contamination. These devices are cheap and can test for E. coli, Prevotella sp. and Mold Growth. These tests are free and will give you the results in under 30 minutes. This will tell you whether or not you need to make sure that your kitchen has an air tight container.

Contaminated water is a life threatening situation. If you have contaminated water, you can become sick easily. It’s possible to be contaminated by simply sitting in puddles of water. Contaminated water can start to smell, contaminate the food you have previously cooked, and contaminate the air we breathe.

Mold Growth – This is a very scary thing to think about. Anytime you walk into your kitchen, you can have Contaminated Water. There is mold growth on your countertops, dishes, utensils, ceilings, sinks and cabinets. These are very common problems that can grow quickly. But mold growth on countertops can easily be treated. Anytime you walk into your kitchen, you can have Contaminated Water. If you have Contamination on your countertops, this will require a termite control program. Mold growth can spread throughout your home. This is the most common threat with mold growth. All home owners should be worried about mold growth on their home and countertops.

Contamination in Kitchen – These are the foods you eat. Anything in your kitchen that is not air tight, can become contaminated. Make sure the containers are air tight.

Fungus Growth – This is also very scary to think about. Anytime you step into your kitchen, you can have contamination. This will require a complete termite control program. This fungus can start to smell. If you have Fungus growth, you will have a very scary problem that can quickly make you sick. Fungus is an extremely scary looking thing to see.

This is very common in older homes. And is caused by moisture buildup. This is a very common problem that causes mold growth. Let New York water testing experts fix this problem.